I'm Ted and I enjoy spending time with friends and family as much as I do staying at home. I spend my free time dabbling in many different hobbies including board/video games, baking, biking, working out, and going to movies, concerts and sporting events. Also, if ever there's a chance for me to take my dog, Bilbo, on an adventure he will be at my side. I enjoy people. I like to learn what they like, who they identify with, what makes them feel fulfilled and how they can achieve fulfillment.

M.S.Ed., Lcpc, NCC

Meet Farah Anderson

Meet Ted Vogel-Wilson

The best way I know how to do that is through actively listening without judgement. My counseling in existential therapy starts with understanding your perspective, identifying key issues, and becoming aware of how your strengths can aid you in the process of addressing those issues. I have my Master of Science in Education from Western Illinois University with a specialization in Clinical Mental Health Counseling. I have experience in crisis, substance use, anxiety, depression, first episode psychosis, and trauma. 


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Movies, Concerts, &

Board Games


a few of my favorite things

a few of my favorite things